Lester-Smith & Price, 2010

Lester-Smith, D., & Price, R. (2010). Aboriginal health roundtable discussions: “Why we accept your invitation to join you.” Canadian Journal of Native Education, 33(1), 46–62, 155. Retrieved from http://search.proquest.com.ezproxy.library.uvic.ca/docview/864885104?accountid=14846


In this paper, we focus on two individual instances where non-Aboriginal scholars have invited us, as Aboriginal community leaders, to help guide their studies about Aboriginal peoples. We provide primary-sourced evidence of our socio-personal experiences within Eurocentric ideologies of control, power, and racism. By critically analyzing the colonial comments made during these non-Aboriginal-led roundtable discussions about Aboriginal peoples' health and well-being, we unearth fundamental reasons why we continue to "accept your invitation to join you" during such projects. It is through our experiential reflections that we witness and resist oppressive discourses that still linger throughout some parts of academe today. From within our collective understanding of Indigenous worldviews-our ancestral/spiritual connectedness-we are able to explicate what these particular discourses mean to us, as authors, and speculatively, to many other First Nation peoples. Finally, we propose suggestions that may potentially be of value to Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal peoples' health research and relationships.