4 key terms

Living stories

Put simply, people live their own stories. Each person's present story is influenced by their past experiences, contexts, cultures, families, beliefs, and myriad other influences, so each person's story is utterly unique. Each person in the group juggling activity had a different experience of the activity because of their past experiences.

Telling stories

As people live, they also tell their stories to others.

Retelling stories

As researchers come alongside people and inquire into their stories, the peoples' stories are retold, but this time with the addition of the researcher's stories.

Reliving stories

As researchers and participants are both changed in the retelling of their stories, both may begin to relive their stories.

3 Dimensional Inquiry

  • temporal
  • social
  • physical

Our human world is constructed and continually reconstructed through the processes of story living and storytelling. (Johnson & Christensen, 2017, p. 427)

Compare with Justice System

  • witnesses tell story
  • jury inquires into narratives in order to make judgement

Stories vs. Narratives

  • A story is a recounted sequence of events
  • Narrative is an organized, plotted, interpreted accounts of events (Square et. al,2014).