Research Texts

Interim Research Texts

  • the task of 'data analysis' in NI results in an 'interim research text'
  • move away from interations with participants and begin interpreting field texts
  • marked by tensions and uncertainties
  • narrative accounts of retold stories as related to the research puzzle

Final Research Texts

  • moving from interim texts to final texts involves thinking about the end audience
  • publications such as dissertations, articles, monographs, presentations for academic and non-academic audiences
  • reflect tri-dimensionality
    • temporality
    • relationships
    • place
  • make narrative thinking visible
  • do not gloss over complexity

Final research texts do not have final answers, because narrative inquirers do not come with questions. These texts are intended to engage audiences to rethink and reimagine the ways in which they practice and engage with others ()