Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Suitable for researching less known phenomena
  • Giving voice to those phenomena
  • It is a democratic research strategy
  • Understand people's lives
  • Suitable to research sensitive topics and events
  • Understanding stories in relation to cognition and emotions
  • Understanding health and illness
  • It gives both a researcher and participants ability to jointly participate in constructing knowledge


  • It is challenging particularly to novice researchers because no automatic starting and finishing points
  • Advocates for research puzzle/ not research question (this is confusing!)
  • Dealing with difficult materials (stories of abuse)
  • Feeding back research findings (too academically written reports)
  • Doing ethical narratives is challenging because ethics are not universal
  • How to prove if the told story is true is very challenging.


We live to make stories and out of the stories we construct life experience and meaning to the world.

Key Terms

  • Texts
  • Field texts
  • Narrative
  • Story